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The problem of holding the filament spool while printing long jobs in a way that prevents filament knots is one of the most common problems in the 3D printing world. Just taking a look to Thingiverse about this gives us an idea of how much work has been dedicated to solve this issue.

Our solution, compatible with frame-based 3D printers, avoids the free movement of the spool. This is controlled with the tensions applied to the nuts that keep the spool in place. this way the filament can moove, but offering a slightly resistance. The spool brackets allow the use of any filament spool, independently of its inner diameter. Also, with a bar long enough, it is possible to put two or even three (depending of the spool thickness) spools in the same support. This is very useful while working with multi-filament 3D printers.

The kit consists of two M8 nuts, two 608zz bearings , a 20cm M8 threaded rod , two 3D printed brackets, two caps and a set of acrylic arms with spacers.

There are several kit depending of the frame thickness. For Prusa STEEL printers with 3mm frames, for 5mm acrylic frames, and for 8mm frames (Used in our ION printers).

A assembly manual is available.
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