Arduino UNO R3

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The UNO is the smallest of the Arduino family but the large number of shields available make it perfect for countless DIY projects.


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Uno R3
Weight 20g
Processor Mega 328
Recommended voltage 7-12V DC
Max. voltage 6-20V
Digital I/O pins 14 (40mA each)
Analog inputs 6 (50mA each)
FLASH memory 32Kb (bootloader requieres 0.5Kb)

The main differences between the Arduino Uno R3 SMD board and the DIP version are the board layout, the connections and pins, and the USB breakout chip but in terms of performance, both are almost identical. The choice of one or the other will depend on the specific application and the connectivity needs of the board.

The DIP model has the Atmega16U2 chipset to control the USB connection just like the original Arduino and the SMD model uses the CH340 chip which is a serial to USB converter.

For practical purposes, the only difference is that for the SMD model we may need to install the drivers that we can find here to>.

USB cable not included.

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