Heat shrink tube
  • Heat shrink tube

Heat shrink tube

PVC heat shrink tube
Type: Diameter: Ø0.6in x 39.37in


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Diameter (before / after) 0.06in / 0.03in
Thickness (before / after) 0.008±0.002in / 0.016±0.002in
Shrink temperature 194 to 248ºF
Operating temperature -67 to 257ºF
Material PVC
Max. voltage 600V
This heat shrink tube is ideal for wiring your 3D printer or any other device. The diameter of 0.06in allows to isolate all these small cable connections found in small electronics. After contracting you get half its size: 0.03in.

It is served in lengths of 39.4in, so you can make around 50 quick and easy connections, with a stronger finish than using tape.

A hair drier is recommended in order to shrink the tube
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