MK10 Extruder Core Aluminium

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for direct extrusion, 1.75mm filament

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This new model of mk10 extrusion body has a better grip of the filament and that causes a higher resolution and quality in the finishing of the pieces. The new mechanism makes the filament change much easier.

In addition to the aluminum body, the necessary materials for mounting it to the motor are included.

To assembly an direct extruder, we also need the following materials:

1 x Special heater block MK10
1 x Aluminum heatsink
1 x Axial Fan 40x40mm
2 x Bolt Allen M3x40mm
1 x Barrel For 1.75mm Filament
1 x Nut M6
1 x Nozzle 0.4mm
1 x Extruder Core
1 x Heater Cartridge
1 x Thermistor With Cable

In the case of a bowden extruder, we recommend to buy:
1 x PTFE Tube 2x4
1 x Entrance Tube Fitting
1 x Exit Tube Fitting
1 x Extruder v5 o v6
1 x Fan Duct 30x30mm v5
1 x Axial Fan 30x30x10mm

This product is only for 1.75mm filaments, due to the diameter of the inlet and outlet holes of the block
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